Saturday, August 11, 2012

~Pineapple Habanero Red Pepper Grilled Salmon~

so i'm chilling in a hair hammock i strung up in the woman's ear when i catch wind of a trip to somewhere called costco.  now, being a somewhat sheltered flea and having limited access to human culture, i've never heard of this costco thingy.  apparently its some kind of gluten-free food fantasy land, where massive amounts of succulent dead, plucked and squeezed things can be acquired in massive quantities.  i'm in.

after a wild car ride filled with swerving, several near accidents and a shocking amount of cursing from the woman, we arrived at the great food nirvana called costco.  the sheer size of the building made my antennae quiver with anticipation.  had a close call when, without realizing it i had begun jumping all over the woman's head with nervous energy.  suddenly i found myself dodging the business end of a ball point pen, as she jabbed it repeatedly into her thick, helmet of hair.  one wouldn't think she would feel anything in that dense jungle of tangled follicles.  one would be wrong.  fortunately, she was distracted by a table full of hand crafted jewelry made by the indigenous peoples of some remote land where, sadly, costco did not yet exist.

costco was pure sensory overload.  i resisted all temptation and stayed with the host woman.  flea instinct distracted me at first - so many humans concentrated together.  but i'm not your usual flea, i'm on a mission from dog.  i decided that riding in her eyebrow would afford me the best view and, if i was quick and sly, access to her food.  they actually feed you while you walk around here.  my kind of place.  i learned quickly that she was picky about what she tried, but that she looked at everything.  a quick jump or two and i could be off the brow, on the chow, and back without attracting the attention of the stabbing device.

i share the following discovery with you - the most delectable and beguiling of sea meats.  salmon.  the woman purchased a large quantity of salmon corpses, brought them home and prepared them to my satisfaction in the following manner.


~1 large salmon fillet

~2 red peppers (cut into strips)
~1 large sweet onion (cut into strips)
~1/2 cup of below sauce (found at Costco)
~olive oil, salt, pepper
~jasmine rice

Rub salmon with a little olive oil.  Salt and pepper it.  Spray grill with non stick cooking spray (if you don't, you will leave half your fish behind)  Cook for 5 min, turn cook 2 min more.

Cook peppers, onions, and sauce together until vegetables are tender.  Top salmon with deliciousness and serve over rice~


  1. Haha loved the story. ;) This looks like something that my husband would LOVE! Thanks for sharing. New follower here. Yay for being blog friends!!

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  3. This sounds amazing! We get a ton of salmon in Alaska and I'm always looking for ways to make it interesting. Thanks for sharing on Whatcha Whipped Up!

  4. That salmon looks great. Thanks for sharing it at Gluten-Free Wednesdays. Please leave a link back. :)

  5. Linda, the link back is under 'Link Parties' above on menu bar~


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